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Tally On Mobile Application

Now These days, Mobiles are trading Laptops as preferred devices for doing work. More and More applications are being planned in mind Mobility. Varia Infotech has now customized tally software for mobile users. We designed tally mobile app for Android and iPhone users, which help them to do their work on their personal devices. Our Tally App will enable you to be totally side by side with your business giving you key performance parameters. We have planned Tally mobile applications for Sales individuals on the field for booking deals order and giving a total profiling of their clients including ledgers & outstanding. We are designing our Tally mobile application for keeping all records of business owner, partner, proprietors, CEO, and Managers director of a company.

Our Tally mobile Application shows real time information and allows you to control your tally ERP9 data anytime and anywhere. it more comfortable for using tally ERP9 in your devices. We designed more advance dashboard and graphs for you to take better decisions in the office, and anywhere in the meeting or a public place. This Mobile app not only for the CEO and other senior management of the company, but it is for everyone who using tally data on the journey. It is useful for salespersons, sales managers, or business owner. This app includes directory, contact details, account statement and every business data. Overall this tally mobile Application is complete app for exit customer and present customers details on simple and organised way.


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